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What is Your Story?

Every Birth Story is worth being told and will help expecting mums to prepare for their own birth. We would be delighted to share Your story, so please get in touch and be a part of our Birth Story community.

September Feature: Positive Induction Stories

Hypnobirthing classes, In Person or Live Online

I am Amanda - a certified Hypnobirthing Instructor and a Doula. I would love to support you on your journey to motherhood. Join my group classes, in person in London or Live Online on Zoom.

Is your Due Date in 2023? It's time to book your class - get an early bird offer by booking today!

December 15-17 (In person, London)
January 20-22 (Live Online)
February 13-15 (In person, London)
March 23-25 (Live Online)

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